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Woodee is the innovative fully digital solution that makes it easy to find the bargains that interest you in a wide range of promotional folders.


Less paper and just as many great offers.

It's good news for the planet that printed advertising material is being banned from our mailboxes.
And thanks to Woodee, you wont miss out on the bargains on offer for food, cars, DIY, construction, decoration, gardening, indoor & outdoor items, bedding, furniture, fashion & clothing, meals out, sport, supermarkets, mobile, travel...

New generation all-mailboxes freesheets at full speed

Since our launch in early summer, already more than 15,000 people have downloaded our mobile app. These 15,000+ users all love good deals, and trust Woodee to deliver!


Want to view Woodee from your laptop?
No problem!

Naturally, you can browse all the bargains directly from our site.
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